Founder's Message

For parents:



In today’s competitive world, each student must perform well in their academics in order that they will shine in their life. However recently, most of the institutes fail to convey individual care to their students.

Every student is completely different, as per their learning capabilities. Some students perceive their lesson quickly, whereas some students would like further steerage to check effectively.

Therefore, home-tuition or non-public tuition could also be necessary to induce a top-quality education. Tons of fogeys square measure already hiring the simplest tutor for their kids to help in their studies.


Here I discuss the benefits of using our platform :-

1. Be comfortable to search and hire home tutors.

2. Choose the most reliable one as per your requirement.

3. Get tuition at your convenience.

4. Give and get reviews to tutors.

5. Check fee structure and compare.

6. Give no commission to anybody for hiring tutors now.

7. Lesser distractions.

8. Get tutors from the best.


For Home Tutors:

Serving as a Institute Director and a home-tutor provider for many years I know all the problems of a tutor. Understanding these I gave you best platform here to connect with the parents and overcome all the challenges relevant to this honourable job. You must be  loyal for your valuable services.

Benefits for you.

1. Free posting.

2. Get a part time good income with this honourable job.

3. Share your experience.

4. Give feedback. 


“I would like to thank you all for supporting us by availing our services. I hope you all will understand my vision and support my campaign which will be profitable to you.” 

Hoping for the best. Thank you.


                                                                                                                  -Ravi Prakash